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Freddie Flintoff: Living with Bulimia

Sep 28, 2020
By Ultraviolet Music

SEPTEMBER 2020: Male eating disorders are rarely discussed. In this powerful and unflinching documentary, Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff goes on a personal journey into the eating disorder he has kept secret for over 20 years. Flintoff discusses his experiences in detail as he meets clinicians and specialists in the field, as well as young men affected by eating disorders. We are proud to have composed the…

James May: Our Man In Japan

Oct 24, 2019
By Ultraviolet Music

DECEMBER 2019: Konnichiwa! We’re excited to announce completion of our latest composing project – James May: Our Man In Japan. This 6-part series takes James from the icy North to the balmy South of Japan, with many a caper along the way. James says, ‘Japan is the most amazing place I’ve ever visited, it’s a class A stimulant for all the senses and an etiquette…

Burberry SS17 Show

Feb 21, 2017
By Ultraviolet Music

London Fashion Week: We’ve been busy putting the music playlists together for Burberry’s iconic fashion show in London this week. In addition to unveiling Christopher Bailey's latest collection, the show features a live performance by Anna Calvi and the Heritage Orchestra and Choir. The pop-up show space located at Maker's House in London, becomes a walk-in exhibition paying homage to the life and work of…

Friday Night Supper Club

Jan 12, 2017
By Ultraviolet Music

We recently composed the opening title music for a new show called, Friday Night Supper Club. Six of the UK's hottest chefs demonstrate their gastronomic skills, going head-to-head in an after-hours cook-off. Using everyday staples from chicken and beef to more unusual ingredients like clams and rhubarb, our chefs create tasty, inventive new dishes that viewers can easily replicate at home. Friday Night Supper Club…

White Island

Oct 8, 2016
By Ultraviolet Music

We're delighted to announce that one of our musical offerings has been included on the soundtrack of the forthcoming British gangster movie, White Island. Ultraviolet's track, 'Las Cuevas', was composed especially for the film and features the Flamenco guitar playing of Boo Scher. White Island is a comedy thriller set in sunny Ibizia starring Billy Zane, Joel Dommet and Billy Boyd, with notable performances from…

Amazing Spaces: Series 6

Aug 12, 2016
By Ultraviolet Music

He's back! Architect George Clarke returns with a brand new series of Amazing Spaces this autumn on Channel 4. As well as the usual ingenious design and build projects showcased from across the UK, George ventures to New Zealand discovering some remarkable structures, including 'the best Man Cave in the world' As ever, the Ultraviolet boys have composed a large selection of tracks for the…

The Big Spring Clean

May 13, 2016
By Ultraviolet Music

With the nation’s houses shrinking in size, we’ve never had more possessions and less space to store them. Phil Spencer dispatches a team of specialists to de-clutter and redesign a disorderly family home in Devon, showing how we can all learn to live better with a little bit less. Meanwhile, award-winning architect Phil Coffey and product designer Max McMurdo are tasked with designing innovative and…

The Reassembler

Mar 15, 2016
By Ultraviolet Music

Look out for James May's new show, The Reassembler. 'Any idiot can take things to bits, it's putting them back together again that really counts,' says James. Over three nightly episodes, May will reassemble everything from a petrol-powered lawn mower to an electric guitar and an old-style telephone. The aim of the show is understanding how these ordinary objects work. Episode One of The Reassembler…

Secret Eaters

Dec 13, 2015
By Ultraviolet Music

We've recently had several tracks synced with the popular TV show, Secret Eaters, courtesy of our friends at Felt Music. Secret Eaters is presented by Anna Richardson and currently in its third series on Channel 4. Each episode features a couple who are filmed whilst in and out of their home for a week. Everything they eat is monitored and recorded. At the end of…

Ultraviolet Music… Down Under!

Oct 10, 2015
By Ultraviolet Music

As part of our quest to spread the music of Ultraviolet far and wide, we're heartened to tell you our tracks have recently been licensed by a number of high profile TV shows Down Under. Australia’s version of Big Brother has synchronised music tracks composed by Ultraviolet, as well as Dancing With The Stars, The Block Glasshouse and Australia’s Got Talent. Our expanding music library…

New BMW 7 Series – World Premiere

Jun 25, 2015
By Ultraviolet Music

We’ve just finished working with the Urban Soul Orchestra to produce the music and sound design for the launch of the new BMW 7 Series in Munich. The ‘luxurious’ 27 minute score was composed by Stephen Hussey, with additional sound design and production by Malachi Lillitos. Orchestral recordings took place at Angel studios in London, prior to mixing at SoundStar Studios in Munich. Highlights from…

The Great UFO Conspiracy

Mar 10, 2015
By Ultraviolet Music

The Ultraviolet boys are currently writing the music for a new Channel 4 documentary about UFOs and aliens. More people in the UK believe in the existence of aliens than in God, and over a quarter of us think that evidence of UFOs has been covered up by the government. Writer and comedian Dan Schreiber talks to the people behind modern-day alien conspiracy theories. The…